Our Story

Our Story

Simply Italian with a Canadian twist!
La Storia

So, our story isn’t as romantic as Italy but our love for Neapolitan Pizza is! 

In 2012, three young Canadian men from Calgary, AB embarked on a journey to bring authentic Italian Neapolitan pizza to Canada.
After countless hours in Italy… flour testing, dough kneading and taste testing. The result was the mouth watering, beautifully simple and delicious Neapolitan pizza topped with the freshest ingredients all fired up in our specialty Forno oven! 

BUT, our story doesn’t end there!                

Along came a Canadian woman who joined our team and added her pizzazz. Together we’re spreading our Ripe franchise love story around the world!

Our formula is simple…

It’s all about the doe da doe doe…DOUGH!

Signature dough made fresh daily with flour imported from Naples for the extraordinary light and soft crust.

Perfect Pizza Sauce!

Hand made with the finest ingredients, made with love and packed with flavor.

Only the freshest toppings!

Finished with Fior de Latte (whole milk mozzarella), fresh picked basil and an array of Ospite (Guest) favourite fresh toppings.

Forno Fired!

We trekked our way to the highest room of the tallest tower and fought a fire breathing dragon to capture our beast of an oven…

Well not really, but it felt like it!  Our oven is the “Crown Jewel” of our Ripe locations.  Watch the beast live at our locations!


Our Ospiti (guests) are our heart and soul. What can we say…we love you all!